For some websites, we work for an hourly rate of $20/hour. But, we also like to do discounts for customers, so we will often times give a quote for a website that is a little lower than the hourly rate, or we will offer one of the packages below. We will do our best to give you an accurate quote on how much your specific website will cost. If, for some reason your website is above and beyond what we expected, there may be a price change. But, we typically do not have to do that.

We offer a few website packages, which can be seen below. If your website need is something different than below, send us an email and we'd be glad to give you a price.

None of the pricing below includes a hosted domain name. We can either work with the hosted domain or website which you have, or help you set up a domain name, website or blog. The packages below include the basic design & setup of your webpage. If there are additional features or services you would like your website to feature (e.g. shopping cart, search function, extensive videos/slideshows, tests, etc), there will likely be an additional charge for that.

All website maintenance is done at an hourly rate of $20/hour. You will be billed at the end of the month with the total hours of work done. I never do work that has not been requested by the customer or previously agreed to.

Website Packages:

If you would like one of the packages below, but would like additional pages, it is $25/page.

  • Package A - $250: Up to 5 page website
  • Package B - $325: 5-10 page website
  • Package C - $450: 10-15 page website
  • Package D - $600: 15-20 page website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an extremely important part of website design. You can have a beautiful website, but without SEO, you are doing yourself a disservice, because you won't get the traffic. We offer SEO to all of our website clients. If you are looking for help with just SEO, the packages below are for you!

  • Basic SEO - $200: Meta tags, keywords, description, title, submission & set-up on Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, submission to Google, Customized Site Map, Creation of Robots file, and more. This will set up what you need to get a good start in search engine optimization. This does not include us maintaining the SEO on a monthly basis. We will set it up and turn it back over to you to maintain.
  • Advanced SEO - $200/month: We will do all of the above, plus more, but on a monthly basis and we will always maintain your search engine optimization on your website to insure that you continually increase your website traffic. You will get a monthly report of your website traffic.
  • Mega SEO - $800/month: We will do all of the above, on a monthly basis, plus run Google Adword campaigns for your website and any other ads you would like to use - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. The cost for running Google Adword campaigns and other social networking ads are included in this SEO quote. You will get a monthly report of your website traffic and how the adword campaign(s) and social networking ads are going.


  • Customized Facebook page - $65: Custom designed profile picture, timeline cover and any special tabs.


  • Customized Twitter profile - $45: Custom background & profile image.


  • Customized Youtube channel - $50: Custom background, profile picture and layout.

----Do you have a Facebook, Twitter & YouTube account that you would like to look uniform? We can customize your accounts to have a uniform design across all 3 platforms. Get this social networking package for just $100 and save!


If you would just like a webset designed for your site, we have a few options available. Websets can come two ways: Either just the designed graphics for the website, or the graphics with one page of the basic layout of the design and the necessary coding pages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP). You then would take the files and them on your website.

  • Webset A - $75: Banner/Logo, 5-9 buttons, background (+ any necessary CSS/HTML/Javascript/PHP)
  • Webset B - $125: Banner/Logo, 10-15 buttons, background (+ any necessary CSS/HTML/Javascript/PHP)


  • Blog Banner - $20: Only Banner/Header
  • Blog Template - $65: Background & Banner/Header
  • Fully Customized Blog - $125: Background, banner/header, custom fonts, custom buttons (& pages), custom CSS & HTML.

Business Cards

All cards printed are dual sided, full color cards, printed on high quality material. They can either be high-gloss or matte finish. Contact us for pricing on orders smaller than 100 cards.

  • 100 cards: $50
  • 250 cards: $70
  • 500 cards: $80
  • 1000 cards: $100
  • 2500 cards: $150

Logos & Banners

The price for banners & logos will vary depending on each particular situation. But, the general price range is $150-$400.

Custom Graphics

The price on this will vary solely based on the work that is needed.

T-Shirt/Clothing Designs

We can design any graphics to be printed on any clothing item you would like and we can have them screen printed or embroidered for you (at an additional cost).

  • One side: $15
  • Two sides: $25

Bumper Stickers

  • Design of bumper sticker: $10 (+ cost of Bumper Sticker)

Vehicle Decals & Magnets, Brochures/Pamphlets, & Signs

The price for the design and printing of each of these will vary based on the exact needs of the customer.